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and Wander Made a 3-in-1 Blanket/Pillow/Cape

And Wander’s made a wonderfully creative piece of art with their High Loft Wearable Blankets. The garment is a poncho-esque cape constructed from black and white temperature-regulating Polartec High Loft fleece that folds up into a pillow if you wish to lay your weary head upon it or just need to store it away. It’s a decidedly inspired piece of clothing that falls within and Wander’s rugged and technical catalog very well.

The Blankets feature reflective stitching, customized Sun Grip Japan snap buttons, and the company’s logo embroidery. The cape-poncho-blanket-and other associated obscure garment style is here, and we must support it, how else do we conveniently cosplay unheard of Star Wars characters in public?

Available for $265 at Blue Owl.