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Belted Key Lanyards – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

One of the most common complaints I hear about raw denim, specifically tight fitting raw denim, is that they have small and difficult to use pockets. But that doesn’t mean you have to struggle to get your keys out everyday—just treat yourself to one of these belted key lanyards. With a whole range of styles (and names by which they’re called), you’ll surely be able to find one that suits you.

1) Tanner Goods: Key Lanyard

Belted-Key-Lanyards---Five-Plus-One 1) Tanner Goods: Key Lanyard

First up is a modern classic: Tanner Goods Key Lanyard. It’s made from thick, 9-10oz. vegetable tanned leather, which is both a part of the workwear aesthetic and a great way to increase durability. They’re available in several different colors with two different hardware finishes, and since they’re made from the same leather as TG’s belts, you’ll be able to find a belt that matches perfectly.

Available for $55 from Tanner Goods in Cognac, Black, or Natural.

2) Pigeon Tree Crafting: Vintage Buffalo Nickel Fob Keychain


Pigeon Tree Crafting’s designs really hit the sweet spot between originality and wearability. While their Vintage Buffalo Nickel Fob Keychain stands out from the rest of the market, it is certainly understated enough to prevent any batting eyes. Available with either side of the coin visible, this keychain can be paired with natural veg tan or vibrantly colored bridle leathers, so you can easily find a combination that fits you.

Available for $50 from Pigeon Tree Crafting.

3) Hollows Leather: Wayward Sister Keychain


While there are a lot of great lanyards on this list, Hollows Leather’s Wayward Sister Keychain has proportions that make it seem just a bit more refined than much of the competition. I don’t know if it’s the reverse taper, brass stud closure, or protective piece of leather beneath the brass clip, but this piece just makes every belt it’s attached to look that much better. Available from standard belt leathers or shell cordovan for a very reasonable up-charge, you can’t go astray with the Wayward Sister.

Available for $145 from Hollows Leather.

4) Obbi Good Label: SLG Key Fob


Obbi Good Label is known for being one of the best budget options in the leather goods game, and their SLG Key Fob definitely fits that profile. Constructed from a grainy-textured 5oz. pull-up leather and polished brass hardware, this piece looks great from the start and will only get better with age. Though the color options are a bit more limited, if you like the options that are available, you’d be a fool to not at least consider OBL.

Available for $49 from Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe.

5) Naked & Famous: Leather Belt Key Hook


It’s true that Naked & Famous is best known for their jeans, but that doesn’t mean their leather goods, particularly their Leather Belt Key Hook, are any less fantastic. With its burnished and painted edges, and contrasting polished brass hardware, this piece makes a compelling argument for why it should be your next pickup. Each lanyard is made in Canada and will age wonderfully, although the natural will certainly develop a patina more quickly if you want to go the quickest route.

Available for $60 from The Fresh Yard in Black or Natural.

Plus One – Larry Smith x Ishi Glinsky: Tipi Art Leather Key Holder


Tipi Art Leather Key Holders were created in collaboration with Native American artist Ishi Glinsky, and the results are simply stunning. Featuring custom artwork, quality hardware, and stitching that accentuates everything about the design, this key holder is one that you won’t be able to stop looking at. While no two pieces are alike, it’s safe to say that each will be as jaw-dropping as the last.

Available for $420 from Standard & Strange.