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Drape Yourself in Crepe with Schnayderman’s Latest Overshirt

Peacoats are the best. They’re warm, the big fold-over lapels are great for adding some drop shadows around your face when you’re taking a selfie, and, for emphasis, they’re really warm! While I’m not exactly saying they can’t do easy-going that well, I will say it’s not the peacoat’s forté. That’s where chore coats and overshirts tend to excel. And, by the looks of what we have here, Schnayderman’s crafted their Overshirt to blend the best of three options.

This Frankenstein’s monster of a garment takes the body, notched collar, and pockets of the utilitarian chore coat, adds the cuffed sleeves of an overshirt, and does the whole thing up in an Italian wool crepe to provide the warmth one would normally find on a peacoat. An interesting take on three staples, a take that should be exceedingly easy to wear, too.

Available for $395CAD (~$301USD) at Lost & Found.