Fade Friday – Sage Wolfhound (7 Months)

Shout out Fidell Muhammad in Indonesia! Fidell sent in pics of his Sage Wolfhounds and they’re striking to say the least. So striking that we made them our Fade Friday, the best of the week. Let’s check ’em out.

You know the score, spend half a year in Indonesia and you’ve got the equivalent of 2 years of hard work anywhere else. Fidell wore this pair doing pretty much everything in his day-to-day including bike rides and strolling through the park. It’s already at that great stage where a good amount of indigo has been beaten away, yet enough remains to really highlight the depth of the fades.

It’s a superb pair, and a great example of how regular wear, quality denim, and absurdly high humidity come together for beautiful results.

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