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Fade in Warmth with Indigofera’s Kyle Sherpa Jacket

Halloween approaches and we naturally, willingly get sucked back into Stranger Things. But whenever I watch that show, I inevitably get jealous of the sweet sherpa jackets those kids wear as they do battle with demi-gorgons and the forces of evil.

Indigofera’s Kyle Sherpa Jacket is exactly such a sherpa jacket, and it comes in a color they call Thunder Black. Actually, this jacket is made from a Japanese 14oz. denim, which has an indigo warp and a black weft. This darker denim, paired with a dark brown sherpa lining makes for a denim jacket you can pair with your faded jeans without conveying too much of a Canadian tux vibe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. Two chest pockets and two hand-warmer pockets and brass snap buttons that will patina over time add up for a jacket that’s fresh enough to feel different, but classic enough that those crazy kids from Stranger Things might mess with it too.

Available for $435 from Franklin and Poe.