Monitaly’s Batman Shirt is the Shirt You Deserve (Not the One You Need)

Gender is dead and Monitaly agrees. All of the LA-based brand’s pieces are designed to fit on any wearer, regardless of gender identity… and their new Batman Shirt is much the same.

As far as we can tell, the Batman Shirt is so called because: 1) it’s cut with a breezy, cape-like body, and 2) it can be styled in two totally different ways. Open the collar like Italian collars of the 1960s to get a laid-back playboy Bruce Wayne look or button it all the way up to channel everyone’s favorite nocturnal vigilante. Or, you can be kind of normal and just fold the collar down like a regular ol’ shirt. But why? Made from Monitaly’s proprietary Vancloth fabric and cut to fit loose and breezy, this shirt will turn heads, while its French seam construction will be an excellent talking point with other fashion nerds.

Available for $264  at Unionmade and at Monitaly.