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Sage’s 6th Anniversary is Celebrated in Pain with 25oz. Denim

Calling all masochists! If you’re a denim head who ascribes to the “no pain, no gain” school of getting fades, then have we got something for you.

Sage, in honor of their 6th anniversary, has released some beastly blue jeans, which have been appropriately named “Everest.” Like climbing the mountain of the same name, wearing these jeans is not for the faint of heart. Made from a deep indigo, slubby unsanforized denim that weighs a whopping 25oz., you’re going to seriously have your work cut out for you. Lucky for you, the denim, while super-heavy, is made from long-staple cotton and woven loosely, so after a soak or two, these jeans will soften up and breathe rather nicely. Pre-order now to get in on these extra crunchy bad boys.

Available for pre-order on Sage’s website for only $150.