Tradlands Sawyer Henleys Are For Floating a Different Kind of River

Henley season is technically 12 months long, but the vintage-inspired sportswear staple really shines during the fall, when it can comfortably be worn as a base layer, a top layer or anywhere in between.

But because not all henley’s are designed for all body types, Tradlands came through in the clutch with their Sawyer Henley—a crazy comfortable, perfectly broken-in option designed specifically for women. 

Cut loose (but not messy) and crafted from the same super soft jersey-knit cotton that they use to make their popular Girlfriend T-shirts, this classically-styled, thoughtfully designed style comes in three colorways: a black-and-white striped option, and solid variants in sienna and shell.

As far as details are concerned, each piece features extra-thick matte buttons, soft neck tape at the standard crew neckline and traditional external seams, just to keep things classic all the way around. They ship on Oct. 15, so if you (or someone you know) happen to be into it, you won’t be waiting long. 

Available for $79 at Tradlands.