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Zip Up this Pair of Shell Cordovan Vibergs

For those brave souls out there looking to combine the stress of a Yeezy release with the price tag of a used car, Viberg has you covered with their latest Side Zip release, available for preorder this Friday.

And if you’re into it, you better mark your calendar, set an alarm, get it tattooed on your forehead, whatever — while the Side Zip is a classic in every colorway, this particular iteration is an absolute unit, and comes outfitted with a Colour 8 Boxboard Shell Cordovan upper. 

Otherwise, these timeless boots were built on the 2050 last with all the trappings that have made the sleek, tough silhouette a fan favorite, including a Riri zipper, a winter-ready Dainite sole, a Kip lining, Goodyear welt construction and antique edging. 

But again, make some preparations now if you want them. When they drop, they’ll be sold through before you can finish saying “But how many people actually have this much to spend on a boot?” No telling what the price will be, but if past shell drops are any indication, expect north of $1000.

Available for preorder at noon Pacific on Friday from Viberg.