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Country of Origin Returns With Their Fully Fashioned Lambswool Sweaters

Look, there’s no good reason for any well-assembled adult closet to have a paucity of sweaters. Brave souls could try to manufacture one, but they’d be wrong. Whether you’re filling that wardrobe inefficiency or just leaning into winter’s most versatile layer, however, Country of Origin has all the right options.

Fully-fashioned in-house, the South London brand starts each of their sweaters with a single spool of lambswool yarn, knitting five separate panels before expertly knitting them together for one of the most varied, contemporary-fitting (re: kind of baggy) lines of knitwear around.

For those of you in need of a serious restock, shakeup or update in the department—or if you just like sweaters, because sweaters are dope—Country of Origin offers 12 different colorways in their crewneck, including a line of colorblock pieces, some striped options, and a pretty wild patchwork-boro combo.

Available from $142-$196 at Superdenim.