Fade of the Day – Nudie Grim Tim Dry Navy (2 Years, 3 Washes)

Not all great fades need to be high in contrast with blowouts and self-made repairs all over. In fact, some of my favorite kinds of fades are more subtle ones from casual everyday wear and activities. Today’s Fade of the Day falls into that second category, with a pair of Nudie Grim Tim’s worn by denim fan Nelson from Indonesia.

After rocking these jeans for two years and three months, Nelson decided it was time to share with the world. Most of the fades seen here were earned in the classroom or walking around campus, which is likely why they are more subdued overall. Regardless, he has managed to gain some solid fades in the thighs and behind the knees, but the true highlights here are the back pockets with Nudie’s signature arcs powering through. I’m not sure what he was carrying in the back right pocket, but it looks pretty cool amongst the rest of his fades! At just over two years, these bad boys have already seen crotch repairs upwards of four times. That’s a lot of crotch repairs.