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Fade of the Day – Unbranded UB101 (5 Years, 5 Washes)

England’s Nathan Smith is a leatherworker and his go-to jean is his pair of  Unbranded UB101’s. Who knew leatherworking would take such a toll on your jeans? Such a toll that we’ve made Nathan’s pair our Fade Of The Day.

Nathan’s owned this pair for 5 years, with everyday wear for 3 of them. We can only assume that those 3 years of solid wear came earlier on in his ownership as they are certainly looking worse for wear – and literally so. This pair is due for retirement, with the rear pockets useless from tears, deep rips at the knees, destruction at the cuffs, and plenty of punctures throughout. However, Nathan’s got a stellar set of tightly stacked, high-contrast honeycombs that allude to the deep and dark indigo that once was.

You can follow Nathan on Instagram.

Unbranded UB101 Raw Denim Jeans