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Fade of the Day – Will Leather Goods Shrunken Card Fold (4 Years, 10 Months)

Time to turn our Fade Of The Day towards our second favorite material: leather.

We have Shad Bien of Brooklyn to thank for the above wallet pics. Quite a lot has changed since Shad’s wife gifted him the wallet upon their move to NYC back in 2013, both in their actual lives and in the wallet’s patina. Knowing the quality of Will Leather Goods, this piece will be with him for many more important life events to come.

Close to the 5-year mark, this wallet has undergone quite the transformation. What was once a veg-tanned leather wallet, is now a nugget of blue-brown matter. Those years were certainly full of wear and tear, which explains its new, darkened shade. And as for the blue…you guessed it, indigo from raw denim jeans. Aside from some stitching that’s starting to come apart, the wallet is looking pretty good. It’s molded to its contents and its grain is shining right through.

You can follow Shad on Instagram.