Kapital Takes Some Denim Liberties with These Gurkha Pants

Gurkha pants aren’t typically meant to be made of denim, but Kapital has made a career of doing things you’re not really supposed to do in fashion.

Based on the uniform of the legendary Gurkha soldiers of Nepal, the Kapital Gurkha pant has many of the same details with just a few extra. The intense pleats and side buckles are fairly standard Gurkha-fare, but the crotch rivet is a not-so subtle allusion to the wide-leg jeans of yore that this trouser closely mimics. A wide leg shows off the selvedge edge when cuffed and a cheeky “Gurkha” patch is on display just above the welt pockets on the rear.

Made from a 14oz. selvedge denim with a high rise and a very wide leg, Kapital takes some creative license with this classic menswear piece, but it all looks good together.

Available for $457 at Blue in Green.