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Kapital’s Reversible Irish Field Coat Means Double the Fades

On Heddels, we almost exclusively feature products that need to be worn hard to reveal their true potential, but as consumers, we all too often get distracted by new purchases and neglect our new jeans/jackets/boots for a newer model… and none get fully worn in.

Luckily for you, Kapital is dropping a new, fully-reversible Irish Field Coat that doubles your potential for fades and hard wear. Let’s say you get bored with the indigo wabash side for some reason; simply flip the coat inside out to access the sulphur-dyed corduroy portion. You save money by not buying a second jacket and you can return to the first side with fresh eyes whenever you want. The jacket is made in Japan and both outers are 100% cotton, insulated, and the multiple pockets are functional and accessible from both sides.

Twice the jacket, and none of the guilt of neglecting said jacket.

Available for £795 (~$1040USD) at Kafka.