Naked & Famous Brings the Heat With Their Thermo Stretch Denim

I’m not even going to pretend to understand how the Naked & Famous’ Thermo Stretch Denim works, but I do know they have “moisture regulation and heat insulating properties.” Like, I’m sure the information on Tate and Yoko’s website makes sense to people, but those people aren’t me.

What I can decipher, however, is that these jeans will keep you warm and dry, which are both good things during winter. 

Made in Canada, the Japanese-milled denim that was used comes in at 11oz. and is a cotton/poly/rayon blend that is “thermo insulating,” which sounds like something for long underwear but is most decidedly something for jeans. 

And because they’re jeans, they come outfitted with a classic five-pocket design, tonal stitching, silver rivets, a zipper fly and are cut in all of Naked & Famous’ silhouettes.

Available at Tate and Yoko for $145.