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Samurai Holds Your Helmet Using 17oz. Selvedge Denim

Leave it to Samurai to come through with a heavyweight selvedge denim Helmet Bag.

The Japanese denim giant has got another piece to add to your Canadian tuxedo fits, which, as they see it, is lacking in the accessories department. Made entirely in Japan of 100% cotton 17oz. selvedge denim, this bag is basically a satchel with a large flannel-lined pocket inside that mimics those of vintage military helmet bags. Twin front pockets with iron snaps and an additional outer pocket make everything super functional and there’s even a little red tab for those of you who wanna give the finger to old man Levi Strauss.

The padded shoulder strap will make slinging this bag daily far easier, and in so doing, guarantee crazy-cool fades and some decent patina on the veg-tan leather patch and leather pull tabs.

Available for $396AUD (~$280USD) from Corlection.