Spooky Denim Halloween Costume Ideas from the Heddels Team

The gourds and ghouls are out and about for Halloween and if you want to align your denim love with your Halloween costume, keep on reading. Here are some denim-centric costumes from the Heddels team.

David’s Picks

Sexy Jeans

For those looking to spice things up this Halloween night, try on an (oversized) pair of sexy hiphuggers. These pants go ALL the way up! All you need is one very large pair of pants and the right sassy attitude.

Ruth BaDernim Ginsberg

America’s iconic Supreme Court justice gets the indigo treatment. Extra bonus points for the crocheting your own jean frock from discarded hems!

Denim Ghost

Whoaaa, is that the spirit of your old Diesels?? Our blue take on the classic. Why ruin a sheet, when you can ruin a couple yards of denim?? Save the selvedge for the kiddos, you’ll likely need all 60″ of wide loomed goodness to cover your adult self.

Indigo Molecule (Two Person Costume)

What’s more recognizable than our beloved molecular compound C16H10N2O2? As we all know, the indigo dye molecule is double-sided, so grab a friend and link up. Feeling like splitting up for the evening? Have someone pour a reducing agent on you so you can break up and spend the rest of the night as leuco-indigo–it’s two costumes in one great color!

Ruedi the Riveter

Another costume combination in homage to our American (and Swiss) heros. Don a denim jumpsuit, red bandana, square frame glasses, and a head of curly grey hair and you’ve got a costume that deserves to live forever!

Gerald’s Picks

Jean Claude Van Damme/Sade/Marvin Gaye/Bob Ross


Conspiracy theory: these are all the same people.

Because you’re broke after having very responsibly spent your entire paycheck on niche jeans, you might as well get the most out of your Canadian tuxedo. And since these are all the exact same costume with different hairstyles, you can re-use this costume year after year without seeming too lazy.

Guy Fieri

Photo: Paul Zimmerman, Getty Images

There’s no way in hell you thought that Guy Fieri was gonna be on this list. When you’re less Canadian Tux and more back of house, the mayor of Flavor Town is the solution. This gem surfaced pretty quickly with some sophisticated googling (‘Guy Fieri denim’) and, just…damn. Sure, the bowling shirt with flames is the obvious move for a Guy Fieri costume. But you want to get into those Guy Fieri deep cuts because you’re a person of taste with expansive cultural knowledge. You’ve already got the denim chef’s jacket. That’s a given. All that’s left is to go full throttle with some bleached spiky hair, a goatee, and an earring to star in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Denim.

Teenage Mutant Denim Turtle


Photo: @maaraacuna, Twitter

Dust off your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume and throw on those high-waisted denim hot pants that you definitely have in your closet for some high-level meme cross-breeding. Don’t forget to include the dog tag on the shell. Bonus points if you crawl your way from party to party.

1970s Rock Band Lead Singer


Show off your disturbingly long tongue in style with a well-faded denim tongue sleeve. It’s a real thing. Watch your favorite beauty blogger for a quick makeup tutorial, tease your wiry hair, and strap on your axe. I want to crock and roll all night!

Reed’s Picks

Early ‘90s Andre Agassi


So for those that are unfamiliar, tennis legend Andre Agassi has rolled out a few different versions of himself over the years. There was Fun Agassi, Dark Agassi, Comeback Agassi and now Dad Agassi, among others, but for this one, we’re mining the weird period between the Fun and the Dark versions. (Post-neon, pre-rehab, for those into specificity.) For starters, that Agassi’s mullet had a mullet, which is always fun. Most importantly, however, is that Late Period Fun Agassi wore Nike-made jean shorts on tennis courts. Just don’t drift into Dark Agassi territory. Things get weird. 

Dog Wearing Jeans on Property Brothers


Like the Turtle Wearing Jeans, but this time it’s a dog. This costume works on its own with the right accessories—the beeper is so important, that can’t be understated—but it’s also good if you have a crew that’s just as into super niche internet content as you are. If that’s the case, one of them can be the dog in the Argentina jersey, one can be the scantily-clad dog up front and then you can star as the Dog in Jeans and everybody wins.



(NOTE: This is a couples idea. That’s why two names are there. Don’t do this by yourself, it wouldn’t do the look justice.) For no record at all, this coordinated look might stand as the 12th greatest thing that humans have done since 2000. I’m not prepared to name the other 11, but I’m also comfortable with the vague assertion, so we’re going to go with it for now. Don’t believe me? Just take in the details. Like, you think that every stone has been aggressively overturned when you notice the chest pocket that’s actually a reappropriated arcuate-laden back pocket, but you would be wrong because look at that hat. It’s got a waistband as a hatband. Yeah, a waistband. So if you have an incredibly nice significant other, pay homage to some real innovation and a true highlight of human achievement.