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The Latest Levi’s Vintage Clothing Trucker is a Mash-Up of Corduroy

Though Levi’s Vintage Clothing is known for their faithful reproductions of archival pieces, they’ve also been known to get a bit funky. Just take a look at their mirror jeans,

The Type III Cord Trucker this season gets definitely nice and weird. Rooted in 1970s Jamaica and inspired by the 1978 film, Rockers, the trucker is made from mismatched panels of colorful corduroy. It has everything you love about an archival Levi’s Type III and the short snug jacket that has served as the inspiration for most modern denim jackets, but in a cooler color. Though its colors are zany, they are unilaterally well-suited for fall weather.

Available for $495 at Unionmade.