Naked & Famous and Street Fighter II Brawl with E. Honda and Ken for Round 3

Canada’s leading jeans makers are at it again with the latest addition to the Capcom capsule. Round 3 sees Naked & Famous collaborate again with the video game giant to bring us Ken and E. Honda jeans-ified.

It’s difficult to substantiate these products as they speak for themselves in terms of attention to detail, commitment to quality and creative vision. So, we’ll let the details do the talking.

The Shoryuken comes in a 12.5oz. rope dyed deep indigo warp with a distinctive red weft, a nod to Ken’s famous red karate uniform. E. Honda stomps into the ring as heavyweight 21oz. sumo selvedge, a recognition of the character’s mass and strength. Both jeans feature custom natural veg tan leather patches with artwork, pocket bags with character images and a lenticular pocket flasher featuring in-game images.

Bound to be a hit with denim heads and gamers alike, the series continues to make the case for collecting and collaborating.

Choose Ken as your fighter for $198 and E. Honda for $206 dollars at Wright Hand Twill.