Burgus Plus and Clutch Cafe Pop Over a Denim Collaboration

Is your denim shirt not loud enough? Not shockingly chock-full of over-the-top hardware and details enough??

Well, Clutch Cafe and Burgus Plus have collaborated on a collection, the centerpiece of which is the HBP-300WSCC denim popover shirt that screams “I WEAR RAW DENIM.” The shirt features much of what you love about a slant-pocket Steve Mcqueen-style western shirt, but with the front snaps removed in favor of a zip-up popover style collar. The 10oz. selvedge denim seems to have a fair bit of nep and character and the whole ensemble is painstakingly produced in Japan.

You’ll also find details like two-toned stitching, a throat latch, a western yoke, hidden selvedge cuffs. A leather patch on the rear shirt-tail is the last eyebrow-raising design detail of note, but the undoubtedly hard-wearing shirt will age handsomely.

Available for £225 (~$290USD) at Clutch Cafe.