Chamula’s Handwoven Wool Blanket Ponchos are Artisanal Snuggies

There are few things so purely good as the humble poncho. Not only does owning one give your wardrobe a cool spaghetti western flare, but they’re also crazy comfy and very practical.

The folks behind Chamula have released five new ponchos, each with their own unique colorway, and all made by native Mexican craftspeople. Each piece of the poncho is hand-dyed, woven on small looms and then knitted together. This meticulous craftsmanship, paired with the merino wool of the weave makes for an easy-wearing, warm piece to keep you cozy on winter nights to come.

Perfect for anyone remotely outdoorsy, throw it in the trunk of your car to have for those impromptu nighttime beach trips and campfire singalongs.

Available for £399-£499 (~$520-$650USD) at Clutch Cafe.