Fade Friday – Momotaro Unknown (2 Years, Unknown Washes, 2 Soaks)

It’s the end of the week, and you know we save the best for last, so let’s dive into the pair of the week, our Fade Friday.

This pair of mystery Momotaro jeans was sent in by Julian Champ of Chicago, who earned his fades while he worked on art and graffiti. We wish he’d sent us some samples of his art, so we could understand how they make for fades this great! He’s clearly very active while he works, because his jeans have lost a ton of indigo, and plenty of high-contrast fades set in during the process.

While his honeycombs are really great, the front is no slouch either. It’s the distressing though, that really sends the pair to the next level. The cuffs, knees, and pockets have all racked up a ton of damage. Is that some work from Belmont Army that we spy at the crotch too?