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Filson’s Packer Coat is Shear Heat

I’m getting hot looking at this Filson Packer Coat with its 100% Australian sheep shearling collar, aren’t you? I think I need some water, or some inclement weather to stand outside in. If you’ve got the latter on your hands, this red plaid Packer coat might be just the thing to bring you up to temp. 

With ample pocket room for gloves and shotgun/pistachio shells, button closures throughout, and those distinct Filson pocket flap sculpts, the Packer’s going to keep your upper body well-fashioned and heated while out hunting that Christmas goose, chopping down your tree, or walking from the train to the house in a flurry of snow. The Packer coat really does pack a layer on, and if you’re located in a bitterly cold scene, say Canada, you’ll want the proper attire, eh?

Available for $556 at Independence.