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Velva Sheen Drafts 8oz. Loopback Jersey for Their Army Gym Sweatpant

Velva Sheen’s got another modern basic to get off their chest—the 8oz. Army Gym Sweatpant. These sweaty slacks take their cues from classic military garb with their fatigue-style patch pockets. But, there are a few tweaks thrown in like the knee pin back detailing and the drawstring. The mid-weight loopback jersey fabric means they’ll get you through a few tours of Curb Your Enthusiasm and still be ready to hit the frontlines of Target any night of the week.

But, before you enlist yourself into a quick snack run, you’ll have to keep your wallet in front since the pockets are only in front.

Available in black, heather grey, and oatmeal, you can find them for $125 at Need Supply.