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CHUP Celebrates 3sixteen’s 15th Anniversary With Pineapple-Flavored Socks

3sixteen’s 15th anniversary is here (congrats, one more year and you can drive!), and that means some collabs and special offerings are here as well. With the socks you see here, they’ve paired up with Japan’s CHUP once again, this time to offer CHUP’s original mid-century pattern customized it in indigo and burgundy colorways.

Per usual with CHUP, these Pineapple Forrest socks are made in Japan, using a time-consuming process that, while limiting production capacity, ultimately yields a higher-quality sock, comparable to a hand-knit sock as it has no toe seams thanks to hand-linked closure points. And, being knit on low-gauge stocking frame machines, the pair has a great texture and a comfortable fit right out of the gate. I don’t have too many rules when it comes to socks, but they have to match, they have to NOT annoy me at the toe seam, and they shouldn’t feel like compression socks. This pair checks all the boxes.

Available for $35 at Self Edge.