Corridor’s Waxed Bucket Hats Should Be on Your Bucket List

There’s a time in every person’s life when you’re suddenly compelled to buy a bucket hat. This irresistible out-of-the-blue urge may take you by surprise, so be ready for it. The best thing you can do is have a short list of palatable bucket hats because there is no shortage of ill-advised options floating around too.

The new Waxed Bucket Hats from Corridor should be high on your list. Made “very well” in Connecticut, these hats are a study in what makes bucket hats flattering. Proportionally speaking, the hat’s a winner; with crown, band, and bill perfectly balanced to keep you looking handsome and not too much like Gilligan. A strong bill and band are two exceptional factors in this hat, which will make sure the piece retains its shape, especially when raining. Add a thick layer of waterproof wax and now the hat is impermeable to the elements.

Available for $65 in Navy and Plaid at Corridor.