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It’s Fry Noon with GS/TP’s Fried Egg Watch

Pocket watches commissioned by the British Government for military service during the 1930s-40s were often marked with the initials ‘GS/TP’ which stood for ‘General Service/Trade Pattern’. This is where William Kroll of Tender Co. takes inspiration for the name of his timepiece side project, GS/TP.

Taking its style cues from a British Ordnance Survey compass, the devil is in the detail with this Fried Egg watch. The compass points are replaced with large numbers at 12,3,6, and 9, with a full railway minutes track and dashes at the half-hours. The unnumbered hours are marked with ‘fried eggs’, filled off-center with thick egg yolk paint, echoing the design of the markers on Universal Genève’s iconic Polerouter Submariner watches of the early 1960s.

With a 28mm stainless steel cushion case, ‘Excalibur’ style expanding bracelet and domed plexiglass acrylic crystal, this is a substantial watch with no end of great details. The high-grade quartz movement is made in Japan by Seiko and the watch is fully made and assembled in Tokyo.

Available for $355 from Standard & Strange.