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Gamine’s Deck Sweater Recalls Vintage Navy-Issue Turtlenecks

Heading into the winter, there are some staple garments that really set your wardrobe apart when the cold hits. Arguably one of those is the humble turtleneck and this version from Gamine is channeling a vintage Korean Work era US Navy variant. For those who prefer fewer moth holes and the fragrance of an Army & Navy store, this could be your companion for the colder months.

In support of American farms, the Gamine Deck Sweater is made from 100% merino wool from domestic sheep, naturally dyed in Maine and knit in Brooklyn. Truly a product of the Northeast, this winter warmer will look as good dressed-up, as it does dressed-down. With a tip of the cap to its nautical heritage but with an updated silhouette and construction, the mock neck and drop shoulder means the garment fits true to size. 

Available for $168 at Gamine.