The Heddels Indigo Holiday Gift Guide 2018

If you’re struggling to find a gift for that special denimhead, you really can’t go wrong with indigo. Be it an indigo-dyed knit sweater, an artfully dyed leather good, or anything in-between, your favorite giftee will be thrilled to get anything on this list; and hey, if they aren’t you can take solace in the fact that you introduced them to the denim way of life.

1) Pigeon Tree Crafting: Indigo Dip Dyed Veg-Tan Wallet


Pigeon Tree Crafting is one of the best, small crafting brands out there and consistently release interesting new products. Their Indigo Dip Dyed Veg-Tan Wallet is a prime example with its unique, multi-dip indigo coloring, laser-inspired non-dyed accent stripe, and classic design. While I normally can’t stand to give up the patina potential of an undyed veg-tan wallet, this one is really the best of both worlds.

Available for $65 from Pigeon Tree Crafting.

2) Andersen-Andersen: Sailor Turtleneck in Light Indigo


If there is one thing I love about indigo it is the wide range of depth you get out of the dye. While most people picture deep hues when they imagine indigo, lighter indigo dyes, such as the one used for Andersen-Andersen’s Sailor Turtleneck in Light Indigo, is equally beautiful. This piece is a traditional turtleneck with a great texture, thumb hole cuff, and some of the best construction quality around. And given its medium weight this piece will be wearable even when the weather the weather warms up a bit, which can’t be said about all high-quality knits.

Available for $425 from Division Road.

3) 3sixteen: Heavyweight Henley T-Shirt in Indigo


3sixteen has released some great pieces over the years but their Heavyweight Henley T-Shirt is easily one of their most compelling non-jean offerings. It has a gorgeous, deep indigo color that will only get better as it fades and it’s made from a custom jersey fabric. Like all of their pieces, 3sixteen went all out on this one, including corozo nut buttons, triple needle stitching, and ribbing and the collar and cuffs.

Available for $55 from Self Edge.

4) Naked & Famous: Slim Chino in Indigo Dyed Stretch Sashiko


While most of Naked & Famous’ chinos are made from chino fabrics using their denim patterns, their Slim Chino in Indigo Dyed Stretch Sashiko utilizes their true chino pattern. We’re thrilled to see them making more and more pieces with this pattern, and the usage of such a great, indigo dyed sashiko fabric is just the icing on the cake. While we haven’t been fortunate enough to see how these fade just yet, it’s sure to be spectacular—so make sure you send in pictures once they’re broken in!

Available for $88 from Tate + Yoko.

5) Kiriko: Dopp Kit


Kiriko is quickly becoming a go-to brand for many in needs of small, home-goods, and it’s not hard to see why. Their Dopp Kitt is currently available in two different Japanese-milled, indigo-dyed fabrics, and either would make a wonderful gift this holiday season. Each piece is built with quality leather, brass hardware, and a canvas lining, making them durable enough to hold up to both the occasional travels or daily work.

Available for $78 from Kiriko.

6) 1892 Thorogood: Beloit Boot in Indigo Chromexcel


Whenever a heritage footwear brand releases an indigo-dyed collaboration boot it sells like hotcakes, so it’s great to see another major brand join in on the fun. 1892 Thorogood has recently released their popular Beloit Boot using indigo Horween Chromexcel leather, making them a great choice for denimheads and Horween nuts alike. Each pair is finished with a cork-imbued outsole, which both increases grip and decreases weight, making this a boot for everyday wear.

Available for $290 from in Context.

7) Kapital: Kountry Boro Rib Knit Cap


The Kountry Boro Rib Knit Cap is one of those pieces that is instantly identifiable as being from Kapital, and while that might not appeal to everyone it’s a big appeal to some of us. With its patchwork design, velvet lining, and sashiko details, this piece is truly one of a kind. While it’s not super easy to wear every day, it’s a beautiful interest piece.

Available for $195 from The Bureau Belfast.

8) RRL: Indigo Dyed Leather Jacket


RRL’s Indigo Dyed Leather Jacket might be a bit better suited for our Extravagant Holiday Wish List, but it is certainly at home on this list as well. It’s modeled after 1930’s style car coats, with their longer than usual length, button front, and horizontal front hand pockets. The cut is a bit more traditional than modern leather jackets as well, and the flannel lining harkens back to older pieces too. While I can’t imagine wearing this coat every day it would certainly come out a few days a season if it were in my closet.

Available from $2600 at Mr. Porter.

9) Curious Corners: Yamato Dyeing Sessions


For anyone interested in indigo it doesn’t get any better than some indigo dyeing session, and Curious Corners offers a few different Yamato Dyeing Sessions throughout the year. Whether you want to dye yourself a couple of tee shirts or make your own tote bag, they’ve got it covered. You can even schedule a private session if you want a bit more of a personalized experience. This is truly a gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Available from $45 from Curious Corners.

10) Humanitarian Pick: Surfrider Foundation


With all this talk about blue, why not keep the theme consistent? Every year, literally millions of tons of plastic end up in our oceans and beaches. The effects of our single-use plastic products are having devastating effects on the environment which have led to the countless deaths of sea life not to mention dangerous food contamination. Surfrider Foundation focuses on the protection of beaches and oceans through cleanups, education, and advocacy campaigns which all go toward protecting these precious environments. For every dollar that’s donated, 84 cents goes directly toward their programs and campaigns, 13 cents goes toward generating future costs, and 3 cents goes toward administrative needs. Even if you’ve never surfed or have ever seen the ocean, 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, so it’s worth considering.

Learn more at Surfrider Foundation.