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Indigofera’s Custom-Milled Norwegian Wool Blankets are Heavy in More Ways Than One

These Indigofera Norwegian Wool Blankets aren’t like your normal winter blankets. Well, in some respects— they’re warm and they can be wrapped around shoulders and they’re made of wool—they are. But one also has squid-riding demons and a giant skull on it, and that skull has stubby, skinny teeth (which seems like a choice), so there’s that.

Made in Norway at a small, family-owned weaving mill, Standard & Strange is saying that these 6.5’ x 5’ blankets are “heavier and softer” than your standard throw, so that’s one in the “For Couch During Winter” column. 

But the available patterns—which include that strange-toothed skull, a gryphon and one with serpentine line drawings—drift into pretty dark territory, so that’s probably a mark in the “Not For Couch During Winter” column.

If you like to add a little morbidity to your cozy winter decor, however, you now know where to go.

Available for $345 at Standard & Strange.