Monitaly Gets Tied Up With Their Winter-Ready Dotera Jackets

Monitaly’s Dotera Jacket provides a unique alternative to most insulated winter coats. The lightweight, loosely cut, LA-made coat is filled with three ounces of high-loft virgin hollow polyester insulation nestled between their signature Vancloth & Sons cotton fabric and the jacket’s quilted rip-stop nylon parachute fabric lining. The windproof, quilted lining helps with maintaining warmth when doing light activity out in the cold, as warmth from body movement is trapped in the air in between the synthetic fibers and the quilting.

Monitaly wisely chose synthetic insulation as it can withstand becoming damp without getting weighed down compared to natural down filling. Ironically, the jacket features a collarless neckline with an open placket, closed with a simple tie. Not what you’d expect from a jacket aimed at taking measures to keep you warm in the cold, but if you know Monitaly, this quirk is very on-brand for them.

Available in olive and black for $330 at Monitaly.