Now Your Action Figures Can Wear $200 Selvedge Jeans, Too

For those looking to start a sizable argument with a significant other this holiday season, may I steer you toward this Mini Collection from RRL. It’s complete with four pieces far too small for a human of any size and costs just under $1,000, making it emotionally combustible in nearly any situation.

That sounds like a joke but it’s not. You could actually dress an oversized GI Joe in a kit that costs more than an iPad, and then get that GI Joe a rug because why wouldn’t a GI Joe have a jacquard hand-woven rug if it already has a leather jacket and jeans made from Japanese selvedge denim.

If you’re still here and want to know details, the collection—featuring the aforementioned things plus a denim jacket—has an impressive amount. (Probably too many for things that are unwearable by design, but credit where credit is due and all that.) Size-wise, the jeans stand 14” tall, the jackets at around 10” and the rug is 22”x19”, or roughly the size of a hand towel.

They’re all brilliantly articulated and impressively constructed for their size and are probably an achievement of some kind, and the Ralph Lauren website says that they’re inspired by nineteenth-century collectibles, which I have no reason to doubt. I just don’t know where one puts these. 

Also, each piece was limited to just 100, too, so know that if you do decide to ruin the holidays, you’ll be in esteemed company.

The denim jacket and jeans are $195 and the leather jacket and rug are $295, all available at Ralph Lauren.