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Stevenson Overall and Sunset Craftsman Tool Around with 21oz. Selvedge Denim

Your denim tote not quite powerful enough? Not heavy and badass and abrasion-resistant enough?

Well, a very heavyweight collaboration has just arrived, thanks to the combined efforts of Stevenson Overall Company and Sunset Craftsman. Together, they’ve crafted this Denim Tote Bag, a reproduction of a vintage 1940s tool bag. The original was made from a white canvas, but this one’s 21oz. of pure Kuroki Mills selvedge denim, baby. There are selvedge details, two side pockets for extra versatility, and a stenciled Stevenson logo on the outside.

The whole thing is made in Japan and unlike flimsy tote alternatives, which can be a nightmare to get things in and out of, the stiff fabric ought to keep its shape, making it less of a wiggly hassle to work with.

Available for £229 (~$290USD) from Clutch Cafe.