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Velva Sheen Zips Up a Sweatshirt-Bomber Blend

For those of you living in places that don’t do seasons, know that the Northeast is so cold that my apartment has legitimate microclimates right now. Is this a personal problem? Very much so. Does Velva Sheen have an endlessly versatile answer to my personal problem? Of course they do. 

Called the Double Zip Warm Up Fleece (because it’s a double-zip warmup fleece, in case anyone was wondering about etymology), consider this sweatshirt-bomber the second skin your closet was missing. 

Made in the USA with a hardy fleeceback jersey cotton-blend fabric (a classic 90-10 cotton-poly blend to stay on brand), this slim-fitting, vintage-inspired, perfectly pared-down design features a ribbed collar, a two-way zipper front, a split kangaroo pocket at the waist and ribbing at the cuffs and hem—or in just three words, it’s not flashy.

So if you’re looking for your winter-ready everyday layer—important when you need a temperature map for your living room—or if you just need another crazy comfortable hybrid piece, this might be the one.

Available for $160 at Vestis.