Fade of the Day – Nudie Slim Jim Dry Ecru Embo (7 Years, 4 Washes)

Nudie Jeans have been a staple of high-end mainstream denim for a long time, and their raw denim offerings are 100% capable of providing their wearer with nice fades, much like these Slim Jim Dry Ecru Embos shown to us by Ilham Prasetyo Aji. Which is why they’re today’s Fade of the Day.

After 7 years of consistent wear and repairs, Ilham’s got a really unique and beautiful pair of jeans to be proud of; just look at those knee repairs! Apparently Ilham prayed in these jeans a lot, causing much wear to the knee areas, and what he’s gotten as a result is completely eye-catching- and well repaired.

Washed 4 times, including an ocean wash, the fades here are dramatic. Lots of whiskering, holes throughout- including the pockets and pant cuffs, the jeans are in need of some more repair and can then be retired with confidence. That doesn’t mean they should be tucked away in a drawer forever, though; perhaps they’re best served as day-off pants or displayed as wall art.

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