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The Kojima Genes x Kuroki Mills Collab Weighs in at 21oz. and Costs $129

Kojima Genes is back with a new pair of jeans, and it’s very heavy, and very affordable. In collaboration with Kuroki Mills, the jeans weigh in at a hefty 21oz. and come once-washed texture for ease of wear off the bat. Heavy denim can be harder to find at the lower end of the price range, but these non-selvedge 100% cotton beauties are under $150. If you’re in the market for a new pair of Japanese denim to break in this year, this collab is quite tempting, and in a classic five-pocket style you can’t go wrong.

In addition to providing better protection from cold weather, for hard labor, and, we assume, against snake bites, heavy denim can have the potential to produce amazing fades, especially given the fact that they’re more durable. If you want to dip into the heavy side of jeans, this very limited collab could be calling you.

Available for $129 at Kojima Genes.