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Muller & Bros.’ Rail Road Coat Arrives Just in Time

I am fully aware that it’s 2019, but I have a hard time looking at this Muller & Bros MB016 Wool Railroad Mackinaw Coat and not picturing it on the person of an interminably cranky ticket-taker aboard a railroad that may or may not be heading into a wintry abyss. 

(Was that an excuse to type “wintry”? Yes. It was. Fight me.)

Like, this dude 100% has a mustache and maybe a monocle and leather gloves and also probably a super aggressive hole-punching technique that would jar some passengers so much that they’d wonder if it was on purpose. (It’s on purpose.) He’d definitely be into the double melton wool outer on this coat though, and the belted waist and probably the double-breasted thing, too. 

He’d get drunk in the refreshment car when everything was under control and probably never stop talking about the thoughtfully applied leather trim, the generous pocket placement and the distinct shawl collar, because he’s a “man of distinction, dammit.” 

You could be that man of distinction, too. It’s just going to cost you. 

Available for £999 (~$1310USD) at Clutch Cafe.

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