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Railcar Has Only One Roll Left of This Unsanforized Cone Mills Denim

The supply for American-made Cone Mills denim is depleting every day. And while we can’t say for sure when the last of it is truly gone, there have been some exciting fabrics unsurfaced recently. Railcar‘s got just one roll of a special, shrink-to-fit denim from the one and only Cone Mills plant and they’re taking custom jean orders.

The Cone Mills Unsanforized STF001 weighs in at a feather-light 9oz. and is better-suited toward milder climates. It starts out with that classic STF bright blue like the kind you’d find on a classic pair of Levi’s 501 STF’s and comes with a double white selvedge ID. Railcar’s offering them in two fits, their Spikes Slim Taper as well as their Journeyman Full Taper, and you can choose your waist size (up to a size 46!). But, there’s only enough for about 60 pairs, so you’ll have to nab your pair quick.

Available for $220 at Railcar Fine Goods.