Wild Frontier Goods Sweetens Their Handmade Wallets with Kakishibu

Wild Frontier Goods has got a pair of wallets for lovers of plant-based dyes combined with hand-sewn leather goods. Utilizing indigo-dyed denim and kakishibu (dye extracted from persimmons), they’ve got a unique hand on their presentation with a lot of room for patina.

The Denim Simple Wallet isn’t exactly simple. It’s got a denim lining cut from Pure Blue Japan KS-013 denim, a natural leather interior that’s been brushed with kakishibu, and plenty of room for your cards and cash. With a black leather exterior, double snap closure, and a back pocket for extra storage, you’ll only need to worry about where to put your passport.

The Hand Dyed Kakishibu Bifold also features brushed kakishibu saddle leather with the interior left natural, it’s got a bill slot for your cash, three horizontal card pockets, one vertical pocket, and it should fit what you need for the day no problem.

Available from $150 at Wright Hand Twill.