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Yuketen’s Blucher Rocker are Artisanal Shape-Ups

Yuketen makes A LOT of shoes. I’ve seen their booth at trade shows and I once counted over 120 pairs of shoes (I also stopped counting because there was just so much and it was making me late for several appointments). Standing out amongst the lot and a certified banger, their Blucher Rocker has been anchoring the collection season after season.

For starters, they’re made in Maine with true moccasin stitching with a buttery, full-grain suede. The 7 asymmetrical pieces are cut and sewn with details like a full leather insole, a steel shank for support, and a removable kiltie. What sets this shoe apart from other, more traditional boat shoes is that thicc rocker sole. Not only will it take several generations to stomp through, but it’s also designed to follow the natural rolling motion while you walk. It’s kind of like Skechers Shape-Ups, but, ya know, artisanal.

Available for $550 at BlackBlue.