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Camoshita’s Takes Ivy Into Their Own Hands with Their Shirt Jackets

Shirt jackets are probably the ultimate layering piece. And Camoshita is bringing their end-all garment to the table with a mid-century inflected style that recalls the campus vibes seen in the pages of Take Ivy. With the DNA of fraternal mayhem written into their weaving, these Shirt Jackets are dreamy interpretations of historical collegiate garments, the ones we never got to see realized until now. Sorry, denim-clad greaser types, this one’s for the preppies, the ones with the convertibles and letterman’s jackets.

These shirts are made in Japan, available in vintage-style patterns in both all-cotton and wool-linen fabrics, and feature camp collars, chest pockets, and button closures.

Available from $330 at Brooklyn Tailors.