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Fade Friday – Naked & Famous Elephant 4 (20 Months, 4 Washes, 1 Soak)

Fade Friday is back! This time we have a model of jeans that has become familiar to fade-heads around here: the very famous Naked & Famous Elephant 4.

This pair was submitted by Dhiya Rofi of Indonesia who says his ‘secret to success’ was simply wearing these every day, even if he’s just lounging at home. He wore them bicycle riding sometimes, and once to the beach (but no ocean wash as he tried that before and found it made his jeans stink). Dhiya also chalks a lot of it up to Indonesia’s humid climate and the ensuing sweatiness.

The 22 oz. denim has faded handsomely well, and surprisingly has not needed any repairs. Perhaps that’s because Dhiya took the time to wash these a bit.

You can follow Dhiya on Instagram.

Naked & Famous Elephant 4 Raw Denim Jeans

  • Fabric: 100% cotton selvedge denim
  • Fabric weight: 22 oz.
  • Fabric source: Japan
  • Made in: Canada
  • Fit: Slim
  • Additional Details:
    • Deep indigo warp and black weft
  • Available at: Tate + Yoko for $198