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Fade Friday – Unbranded x Pronto UB168 (9 Months, 3 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Fade Friday! Thailand’s Tun Vajanchon has made some really impressive progress on his Unbranded x Pronto UB168 denim after only 9 months.

Tun owns a noodle shop and does all his work there — including cooking, washing dishes, and running around town picking up ingredients. It’s obvious that he’s a hard worker and the byproduct of that is some nice fades; just look at those whiskers and honeycombs! These are as perfect a fade as you could ask for after such a short amount of time. 

An overall contrast is key, and Tun has nailed it. Forget the noodle shop, Tun should be a professional denim fader, these are beautifully worn. They’ve been washed a few times in that short time frame- makes sense, cooking can be dirty work, but they aren’t as dirty as you’d expect. Very well done, Tun.