Heddels CO-OP x AFGI Ajrak Indigo Bandana

For our fourth CO-OP outing, we looked back to some of the earliest uses of indigo in human history. The peoples of the Indus River Valley have been Ajrak block-printing and dyeing with indigo for over 3,000 years. The Ajrak styles and patterns have inspired textile designs all over the world, including those of the modern bandana.

We worked with Karachi-based manufacturer Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (AFGI) and some of the last remaining Ajrak makers in Pakistan to create a bandana that pays homage to this tradition. Our bandana takes inspiration from classic Ajrak designs and was produced by these Ajrak artisans in Interior Sindh, Pakistan. Every bandana was printed by hand, with hand-carved wooden blocks, and hand-dyed in indigo before being cut and sewn at AFGI’s headquarters in Karachi.

Only 50 of these selvedge bandanas have been produced (with another shipment expected) and they come with ring bandana holders made from the same wood as the carved blocks.

Bandanas are available at 12 noon EST for $44 at the Heddels Shop.