Rogue Territory’s 12oz. Field Pants are Made for Rambo

If John Rambo ever got a job in a place that had a roof, I imagine he’d be into these Field Pants from Rogue Territory. It’s just a hunch, but they give off strong “I can handle jungle stuff but I also can handle a creative meeting and have strong feelings about coffee origins” vibes.

(Also, devoted First Blood fans know that coffee snob was the natural next step for our boy Rambo, and if anyone disputes that they’re lying.)

Handmade in downtown Los Angeles with a 12oz. cotton twill fabric and done in appropriate olive and khaki colorways, they feature a button fly, double-needle field seam construction, flapped patch pockets at the back and branded nickel-finish buttons, just in case you forgot you what were wearing. 

Fit-wise, RT was gracious enough to cut these with a fuller seat to eliminate unnecessary discomfort — for the record, pants don’t have to be uncomfortable, that’s a choice made by gluttons for punishment — and they tapered them for those that frighten easily. 

Get yours for $195 at Rogue Territory.