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RRL’s Indigo Roughout Suede Jacket Will Last (and Cost) a Lifetime

If you woke up this morning wanting to blow over two grand on a jacket, well then look keep reading. RRL’s latest exorbitant release has your budget in mind.

The Indigo Roughout Suede Jacket is, curiously, a barn coat. It’s meant to fit oversized and has a corduroy collar and plenty of spade patch pockets. But they didn’t stop there, they blanket lined the damn thing and wax-burnished the leather by hand for extra durability and longevity. The irregularity of the indigo dye on the roughout suede surface gives the jacket a charming wabi-sabi look and this will surely only improve with time and wear.

But, damn, nearly $3000 for what is essentially a barn coat? You do you, though.

Available for £1,870 (~$2,500) at Clutch Cafe.