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Sage’s Chaser Type M Jacket is Patches and Pleats in 14oz. Denim

From Sage comes a tasty take on trucker jackets, their Chaser Type M Deep Indigo Denim Jacket. They call it a Type M, and it’s quite a lot like a Type 2 jacket in the vein of the classic Levi’s Vintage Clothing Triple-Pleat Blouse. But the Chaser’s got its own thing going for it. Sage likes to put their own hand on a classic idea, a fact seen in their obvious affection for the Type 2 denim jacket style with its multiple jackets and triple pleated front. It’s tough as hell and, as is always the case with Sage, affordable as hell- coming it at around $60 USD.

The Chaser’s fit is vintage-style, has patch pockets that feature Sage’s mountain arcuates on the front, interior pockets, Union Special 35800 chain-stitch construction, steel buttons, leather patch, and, as we mentioned, triple pleat fronts. The pleats provide some breathing room for the worker wearing the jacket traditionally, but it’ll help to have some ‘stretch’ in the chest when you’re lifting boxes, or while doing Crossfit while wearing this jacket.

Available for ~$60 at Sage.