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Wild Frontier Goods’ Card Pocket Puts Money Up Front in Indigo and Kakishibu

The Wild Frontier Goods humble Card Pocket was the result of a collaboration with Pacific Northwest-based Wright Hand Twill. Keeping things decidedly clean and simple, the Card Pocket utilizes a single slot which can house your cash and cards. In addition, it was designed to fit into your front pocket and not bulge or get int the way when wearing slim trousers or shorts.

The Japanese saddle leather used for the Card Pocket is made to age well and develop a desirable patina over time. It’s available in a natural finish, as well as Kakishibu and natural dyed indigo variants. Each product is crafted by hand, made in Tokyo and comes with an accompanying selvedge denim pouch. It’s hard to get more bang for your buck with this affordable accessory.

Available for $85 from Wright Hand Twill.