Fade of the Day – Aye Denim Reptoids 14 oz. (2 Year, Unknown Washes & Soaks)

Aye, aye, Captain, have we got some fades for yet today!

Joshua from Indonesia sent us these 14 oz. Aye Reptoids that he’s broken in and beaten up for 2 years. Worn daily at school and performing various tasks and errands, these have the color palette of a puffy white cloud in a blue sky. There’s some nice fading on the thighs and seat, honeycombs and lines throughout, and some damage on the seat and crotch. It looks like Joshua sat on a round object of some sort, perhaps a tin of chewing tobacco, or some pomade. There’s a wallet fade of some sort as well.

Nicely faded pair of jeans overall, and with such contrast on the thighs, whiskers, and the honeycombs, what more can you ask for? They’ve got life in them yet, and with all the detail already in the works, it’s going to be a masterpiece of faded denim.

You can follow Joshua on Instagram.